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Soul Stone

  • When the user receives 5000 GEM from Reward PVE, 1 Soul Stone will be dropped

  • Soul Stone is used with GEM to mine Hero VIP which is owned forever.

  • 1 user accumulates many Soul Stones and will be lost after using to mine heroNFT


  • An object that contains Hero Shards in the game.

  • Users can earn Chests by using GOLD to exchange them.

Shard Hero

  • A common hero "item" managed in the game.

  • Users can earn Shard Heroes by opening Chests.

  • Shard Heroes are used to mine NFT Heroes with limited use.

  • You can summons by:

  1. Go to Inventory – Shard Hero, select a Hero with 50 shards and click Summon to send a summon request

  2. The request will be reviewed and approved by the Admin, players can see the status of the request in the Crafting Log

  3. When the request is approved, the player goes to the Crafting Log, clicks Claim and pays the gas fee

  4. Summoned Hero will show up in Inventory tab Renting

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