In-game Currency


  • As an in-game asset GOLD is managed in the Game not through Contract.

  • When a user wins any submission, including The Ascent in Campaign Mode, they receive GOLD.

  • In addition, GOLD is also received when:

  1. Users win PVP FOTA Season

  2. Complete Daily Quest


  • GEM is a quantity on the contract.

  • 1 USDT = 100 GEM

  • Users can earn GEM through the following ways:

  1. Buy on the Marketplace with USDT, USDC FOTA

  2. When the player wins The Ascent.

  3. When the player wins Duel Betting.

  4. When the player reaches Daily Quest Reward.

  5. When the player receives rewards from the hero team they rented to pay later.

  6. When the player's F1 wins The Ascent (refunded to the player's sponsor regardless of whether the player is paying rent upfront or later)

  7. When the player's F1 participates in Duel betting win

  8. When the user is the landowner, and that land has GEM: Contract LandLord Manager

  • GEM is used to mine hero NFTs that are owned permanently.

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