Campaign Mode (PVE)

As an adventure mode, this mode allows players to use a pre-set team of Heroes owned by the player or rented from other players to overcome various dungeons.

  • The Campaign Mode in FOTAVerse has a total of 30 lands (FOTAlands) equivalent to 30 Missions. Each Mission has 5 submissions.

Requirements to start 1 submission :

  • A squad must have 3 heroes to start PVE Battles.

  • No heroes reaching Maximum Profit in the squad

  • No duplicate Heroes in the squad.

  • Heroes on rent must have at least 5 minutes before the expiry.

  • Heroes brought into the squad must not be deposited or listed on the Marketplace.

  • Players need to win through Submissions 1 to 4 to gain access to the highest submission, "The Ascent".

  • "The Ascent" is the only submission that requires energy to play. To start "The Ascent", each hero in the team must have 1 Energy, and all "The Ascent" submissions in every Land will consume 1 energy/hero after the player wins this submission.

Each Land in the Campaign Mode has 5 submissions as follows:

  • Players need to win through Submissions 1 to 4 to gain access to the highest submission, "The Ascent".

  • After winning each submission, players will receive Gold.

  • For "The Ascent" submission, players will receive GEM, EXP after winning.

  • Every time a user wallet interacts with the blockchain, the Off-Chain server requires the user to confirm two transactions:

1 - Transaction to synchronize data to the on-chain (which is the amount of data waiting to be synchronized in advance). If there is no pending data, this transaction will not be verified.

2 - User’s transaction that is under process. Only when the first transaction is successfully executed will the second transaction need confirmation.

  • Expired rental heroes that have not been reclaimed by their owners cannot continue to be played in the game.

  • Each hero can participate in "The Ascent" one time per day.

  • NFTs that are rented or purchased can join battles in the game immediately if they have enough energy left for the day.

Finishing battles:

  • After winning the match, GEM Reward will be automatically added to the player's wallet.

When winning The Ascent:

  • GEM, EXP will be added to the heroes participating in the battle.


  • Players need to connect their MetaMask wallet

  • Your Wallet must register citizen on contract

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