Duel Battles

In order to give players the experience of direct confrontation with other opponents. By player wagering GEM earned from Campaign Mode Reward. After betting user can create room or find room or auto match to enter PvP Battle and fight each other, the winner will receive that bet GEM.

  • At a time the system will have at most 10 heroes Free for users to choose to join the lineup

  • Players can use their own heroes and heroes from the system to play the game. User can ban enemy hero or hero from system.

  • The prerequisite to participate in Duel Betting is that the player connects to the MetaMask . wallet and Wallet must register citizen on contract

Betting mechanism:

  • The loser will lose 100% of the original GEM bet. The winner gets 100% of the GEM bet back and an additional 90% of the GEM from the loser. The remaining 8% will be paid to the Admin for statistics, and 2% will pay the referral bonus fee

  • For example: A and B participate in Duel Betting and each bets 100 GEM, so at the beginning of the match, both accounts A and B will be deducted 100 GEM.At the end of the match with the result that A won and B lost, B was deducted 100 GEM at the beginning of the match, A received 190 GEM including 100 original GEM + 90 GEM won. The 10% fee including 10 GEM will be divided 2% as 2 GEM forinvite , if not, then these 2 GEMs go to Treasury. The remaining 8% or 8 GEM for admin statistics.

  • Having F1 participating in Betting will receive 2% transaction fee if the wallet has heroNFT (with the conditioninviter must have at least 3 NFT heroes in the wallet.

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