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Shard Hero

Game rules:
  • When the user collects 50 shards for a hero type, they can summon that hero for 7 days.
  • The user makes a summon request to Admin before summoning the hero to Inventory.
  • To maintain transparency, summoning is done onchain, therefore participants must pay a gas price.
Summon tutorial:
  • To submit a summon request, go to Inventory - Shard Hero, choose a Hero with 50 shards, then click Summon.
  • The Admin will examine and approve the request; users may see the status of the request in the Crafting Log.
  • When the request is approve, the user returns to the Crafting Log, selects Claim, and pays the gas charge.
  • The Summoned Hero will appear in the Inventory tab Renting.