Fota 2 Lands

3 Worlds in the game have a total of 30 lands (FOTA2lands) equivalent to 30 Dungeons (Missions). Each Land in the Campaign Mode has 5 submissions for Players to advance and reap the rewards in “The Ascent” - the 5th submission.

In the future, 30 lands will be available on the Marketplace as NFTs, and players purchasing a land will own 100% equity of their property. Each Landlord will receive 5% of the reward from “The Ascent” each time a player completes a mission.

The Greenland

After the Big Bang, the first rays of light in the explosion were shaped and linked together to form a beautiful land known as "The Greenland - The Land of Eternity". The pure energy of Aether slowly turned into the soul, and thus the first living things - The Omni - came into life. For being closest to the Aether, the Omni possess supernatural power and the Eye that can see things, create space. Besides the powerful Omni, there is also the Dragon - mysterious and long-lived creatures which were born from the primordial light. As a sacred center of Aether, The Greenland is the home to many magical creatures as well as land types with supernatural phenomena. All have made the Greenland extremely flourishing and advanced.

The Earth

As for the Physical Realm, this place is like the intersection between the white and black squares of a chessboard. Light and darkness blend together. Resonating with the appearance of matter created the sun, moon, day and night,... Gradually the sky also appeared, then the sea and the lands...As everything becomes congruent, the Earth was formed. Thus the structure of the world was gradually established and stabilized for thousands of years until the first living entities were formed. Due to the nature of the Physical Realm, the beings on this plane are not aware that hidden deep within the physical body is the source of Aether. Because of that, the creatures living in The Earth develop and evolve according to the laws of nature. Then humans were also gradually born and became the most dominant being to rule The Earth, also known as Middle-earth.

The Nightmare

On the opposite side, Aether has merged with darkness and created the realm of The Nightmare located at the very end of the universe. The Greenland and The Nightmare are as different as night and day, bringing balance to the Spiritual Realm as they coexsit in symmetry. In the depths of darkness, those banished Omnis soon absorbed the dark power here and slowly turned into a new race called the Demon. They named themselves Lords from Hell, accompanied with the dark creatures born of fire and dust of the Darkness - The Beast, with its bloodthirsty nature, the Beast quickly became ruthless killing machines, the right hand of the Demon.

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