Players can directly buy Hero at Level 1 at the Official Store on the FOTA 2 Marketplace. Then, through participating in quests and battles, heroes can gain experience points that increase their Levels. With higher levels, heroes become more valuable on the FOTA 2 Marketplace and bring players attractive income. Revenue from Hero and common items sales at the Official Store will be liquidated to the Marketplace itself every quarter to maintain a stable transaction level.

Each Hero will be equipped with 3 Fixed Skills at the beginning along with a Normal Attack. Players can upgrade each Skill with a maximum level of 25:

Each skill can be upgraded up to 5 times at the following milestones:

  • Skill 1 can be upgraded at Level 6, Level 11, Level 16, and Level 21

  • Skill 2 can be upgraded at Level 3, Level 8, Level 13, Level 18, and Level 23

  • Skill 3 can be upgraded at Level 5, Level 10, Level 15, Level 20, and Level 25

Players can accumulate EXP points when completing missions in the Campaign and Arena Modes to increase their levels. In addition, each time they level up, users will need to expense a small fee. This fee will be used entirely for creating liquidity at the Farming Pools. A more special feature about FOTA 2 is that players can lock their Heroes in the form of NFT assets with a permanent term from which to receive the added value of profits from FOTALand.

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