“In the realm of darkness, power comes with a hefty price. My duty is to guard your legacy at any cost, father.”


"In the realm of darkness, power comes with a hefty price. My duty is to guard your legacy at any cost, father." Alva declared as she gazed upon the desolate landscape of the Valley of Dreams. The once-glorious kingdom now lay in ruins, overrun by monsters and plagued by evil.

Alva, the daughter of the fallen ruler, Oberon Idril, had inherited the power to command the forces of darkness after her father's tragic demise. Despite her arrogance and selfish nature, she had been chosen by the gods to protect her people and restore order to the kingdom.

The Ogres had breached the magic circle that had protected the kingdom for centuries, and it was Alva's insatiable curiosity that had inadvertently led them to the source of the kingdom's power. The Aether energy that coursed through the land had been her birthright, but now it was her burden to bear.

Alva had unleashed a power beyond her control to defeat the Ogres and drive them out of the kingdom. But the price of that victory had left her wounded, physically and emotionally. She was haunted by the memories of her father's death and the guilt of being the cause of the kingdom's downfall.

Yet, she knew that the Idril family's legacy, and the future of the Valley of Dreams, now rested solely on her shoulders. Alva could no longer afford to be arrogant or weak. She had to embrace the darkness within her and become the protector of her kingdom, no matter the cost.

⚜️ Race: Elf

⚜️ Class: Mage

Alva is an heiress of the great Elfin bloodline Idril. With ancient and forbidden spells of the Elves, along with her ingenious talents, Alva is among the most powerful mages across the entire Earth planet. When it comes to her skillset, Alva has the ability to cast spells of manifestation, mind-controlling and manipulate different kinds of godly energy. Alva always uses the Wand of the Elder Elves that she inherited from her ancestors. In battles, Alva showcases three main skills:

Skill 1: Blinding Light

Alva swings her wand, summoning an Orb that causes damage and manipulates the mind of the target, stunning them for a certain amount of time.

Skill 2: Dazzling Beam

Alva swings the wand in a circle, summoning a powerful ray of energy that deals huge damages to the target and one rando enemy.

Skill 3: Swindling Mist

Alva points her wand to the sky, surrounding Alva and her teammates with dense fog to stay invisible. The fog lasts until the next skill usage.

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