"Silence? My heart says no, but my twin blades disagree. Without a sound, I will erase you from existence!"


Deep within the twisted, dark reaches of The Nightmare lies the Tree of Souls, home to the Creeks, a moderate Beast race. Amidst the chaos and turmoil of constant attacks by the bloodthirsty Sentinels, led by the merciless Orson, stands Amaltheus - a calm and lucid member of the Creek tribe, fiercely loyal to his leader, Tigris.

In his grasp, he wields the twin swords of Inferno, said to be forged from the bones of the ancient land dragon Chimera. These blades hold within them a vast source of dark power, capable of devouring the hearts of any who dare to wield them. But Amaltheus, blessed with the inherited Aether power of his family, has mastered the dual swords, making them his inseparable companions.

Through his strength and the loyalty of his childhood friends, Melina and Tigris, the Creeks have managed to withstand the relentless attacks of Orson's legion. And when Tigris sets out to Middle-earth in search of the Golden Crown, it is Amaltheus who takes his place as leader, guiding the Creeks to victory against their relentless foes.

⚜️Race: Beast

⚜️Class: Assassin

In battles, Aedus showcases three main skills utilizing his signature twin blade:

Skill 1: Yin Yang Horn

Active: Amaltheus uses Yin-Yang Horn to deal damage and stun his target.

Skill 2: Great Cleave Justice

Passive: Amaltheus attacks and deals critical damage to all enemies on a vertical line, deals damage to the first enemy and 50% to the others.

Skill 3 (Ultimate): Battle Trance

Active: Amaltheus becomes furious and enhances his normal attack damage.

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