"Silence your tongue and draw your weapon! The time for talk is over, it's time to fight!"


Aprum was the fiercest warrior in Orson's army, blessed with incredible strength and durability, and an unwavering loyalty to his leader.His loyalty to Orson was absolute, but for someone like him, the tedium of peacetime was maddening. Before the war erupted, Aprum was nothing but a lowly soldier, just another faceless pawn in Orson's vast army. But when the winds of war began to blow, Aprum revealed his true nature.

With a mace in his hand and a ferocious glint in his eye, Aprum charged into battle with an enthusiasm that bordered on madness. His enemies fell before him like wheat before a scythe, their screams music to his ears. Some whispered that the source of Aprum's unmatched strength lay in dark magic, or perhaps even something more sinister.

Aprum's worship of Orson was absolute, and his master's orders were law. Whether through fear or admiration, no one dared to cross the deadly warrior. For the upcoming battles, the Demon and Orson factions knew they needed Aprum's savage brutality and unyielding resolve. The Darkmoon War would be the ultimate test, and Aprum would be ready to claim his place in the blood-soaked annals of history.

⚜️ Race: Beast

⚜️ Class: Warrior

Aprum was among the finest warriors of Orson. Possessing super strength, extraordinary endurance, as well as his absolute loyalty to Orson; Aprum was the one that spread fear all over the battlefield. When it comes to his skillset, Aprum shows absolute brutality and strength as his bloodthirst is unstoppable. In battles, Aprum showcases three main skills:

Skill 1: Ground Mash (Mash or Smash?)

Active: Aprum fiercely tumbles toward the target enemy, stunning him and dealing damage.

Skill 2: Retaliation

Aprum absorbs and deals back damage suffered as true damage to the enemy.

Skill 3 (Ultimate): Toughen Up

When skill is activated, Armor and HP increase by 30% each at the start of the match..

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