“For all the suffering that I have seen, I will deliver you a thousandfold more pain”


Ciara, once a revered goddess of the Greenlands, descended to Middle-earth alongside Vaal Koenig and Cyril to aid the mortals in building the great Loran dynasty. But alas, the greed of humanity proved to be her undoing. Manipulated and humiliated by their avarice, Ciara was thrust into a spiral of darkness and despair. It was only when Vaal Koenig and Cyril discovered her plight that they intervened, but by then, Ciara was already carrying a child - the legendary demigod queen Karina. But in her state of mind, Ciara was unable to see the beauty in her unborn child and made the fateful decision to abort the pregnancy.

Consumed by her hatred and consumed by the dark powers of The Nightmare, Ciara, like her brothers, was transformed into a demon. Together, they fOgred the inferno, a terrifying magic that can reduce anything to ashes. Ciara now embodies the lust and terror of all creatures under the cover of night, her hatred for humanity burns as fiercely as the flames she commands.

⚜️ Race: Demon

⚜️ Class: Assassin

Ciara used to be one of the most graceful Goddesses on the Greenland.After hours of pain and suffering, Ciara grew a deep-rooted hatred for humankind. She swore to bring destruction upon anyone that dares to stand against her.

Skill 1: Mana Strike

Ciara focuses her dark energy and then releases dozens of sharp blades shaped like crescent moons. This skill has a passive effect which drains the enemy’s MP.

Skill 2: Dark Shield

Ciara swings her blades furiously and gains herself an immediate defense boost. The Darkest Shield allows Ciara to become untargetable for a short period.

Skill 3: Void Smite

Ciara destroys an opponent's energy core, dealing damage based on a percentage of their lost mana.

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