"I am the divine guardian of balance in this universe, and I shall defend it with unwavering resolve, no matter the cost!"


In the pantheon of powerful Omnis, Gideon held a special place as the God of Power, a title earned by his ability to whip up storms with his sheer force. In many places on The Earth, people worshiped and erected his statues as a way to ward off evil spirits. Besides having great respect for Gideon, they were also extremely afraid of his brutality. Gideon and his disciples were willing to slaughter anyone they accused of being heretical mages; there were over 1000 innocent people who died in their blood-letting purge. It was Gideon’s absolute justice that unwittingly plunged the world toward annihilation.

To be true, Gideon is no godlike, unstoppable force. He had such a strong aversion to the aggressor that he personally led the slaughter of an expeditionary force of Shadow Knights. As a result of his perseverance and good fortune, Gideon made it back to Greenland on the brink of death. Even today, Gideon's legacy at The Nightmares lives on in the form of No Man's Land.

To prevent the destruction of Middle-earth during the Darkmoon War, Gideon commanded the Light Guardians' army and saved its people. It was a long and bloody struggle until the day the Golden Crown was found.

⚜️ Race: Omni

⚜️ Class: Mage

Gideon was among the strongest Omnis, he can easily manipulate lightning strikes from above and form catastrophic thunderstorms. Gideon was the right-hand man of the King.

Skill 1: Storm Bolt

Gideon raises his hammer, summoning lightning strikes. His rage of thunder targets one enemy and deals great damage, reducing the enemy's movement speed permanently.

Skill 2: Thunder Clap

Thunder Hammer triggers a chain lightning that deals damage and gains the sights of all invisible enemies on a vertical line.

Skill 3: Thunder Wrath

Gideon harnesses all the lightning on the planet, focusing all of them into his hammer and then bashes it onto the ground. The skill causes massive damage to all enemies.

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