"Let the games begin!"


Let the games begin!" Grimm said with a twisted smile, his eyes gleaming with excitement.

Despite being an Omni, Grimm had always been fascinated by death and human suffering. He reveled in the chaos and destruction of war and took pleasure in inciting conflicts between different tribes and factions. When the war between the gods and Demons erupted, Grimm was overjoyed. It was the ultimate spectacle of violence and carnage, and he relished every moment of it.

But Grimm's thirst for bloodshed was insatiable. He grew bored with the mundane conflicts of mortal men and sought out the darkest corners of the realm to quench his desire for pain and suffering. In the Nightmare, he found a place where death was a daily occurrence and pain was constant. But even in this desolate wasteland, Grimm knew that the Demons' ultimate goal was to bring about the end of the world.

Determined to continue his twisted games of death and destruction, Grimm used his cunning and expertise to manipulate both sides of the war. He became the only Demon capable of opening portals to other realms, and he used this power to create a new arena for his twisted games: The Darkmoon War.

But Grimm's true motives were shrouded in mystery. What did he hope to achieve by sowing chaos and destruction? And what secrets did he hold in the depths of his twisted mind? As the war raged on, the world would soon discover the full extent of Grimm's dark powers and the true scope of his malevolent schemes. But who are we to judge? Only time would tell.

⚜️ Race: Demon

⚜️ Class: Warlock

Unlike Cyril, who seeks revenge on the Omnis, Grimm only becomes one of the Lords of the Nightmare to satisfy his unquenchable desire to make others suffer in agony. Grimm’s ultimate goal is to take the world into the new Dark Age where the sounds of pain and misery never cease.

Skill 1: Hush

GRIMM summons The Dark Spirit which deals damage and prevents the target from using any items and skills.

Skill 2: Soul Reaper

Grimm partially recovers a certain percentage of his maximum HP when an enemy gets defeated.

Skill 3: Reaper’s Sweep

Grimm swings his Death Scythe, sweeping through all enemies and linking them together, dealing full damage to the main target and sharing the damage to others.

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