“I don’t want to kill you, but if it is the only way…please forgive me!”


Growing up in the blood-soaked Mist Islands, Keisha was molded into a fearsome warrior and an expert assassin under the guidance of the League of Assassins. She was trained in the art of combat and deadly magic by the wicked Sun Temple, honing her skills until she became a master of the shadows.

His latest mission was to infiltrate the North Castle and eliminate its ruler, but fate had other plans for her. While trying to complete her mission, Keisha met Eira Kide, an innocent soul who needed her help. Keisha couldn't turn a blind eye and decided to betray the League of Assassins by freeing Eira and escaping the Mist Islands.

Keisha roamed the seas, a wanted man, until she stumbled upon a critical naval battle between the armies of Roagon and The Iron Fortress. His bravery and cunning helped turn the tide of the battle, earning him a place in the Darkmoon War. Keisha's skills and unwavering determination made him a crucial player in shaping the fate of Middle-earth, even as the forces of darkness threatened to consume it.

⚜️ Race: Human

⚜️ Class: Assassin

No one actually knows Keisha’s identity, there are rumors that no one has ever lived upon encountering him.

Skill 1: Fatal Flaw

Keisha's attacks pierce the enemy's defenses, ignoring a certain percentage of their armor.

Skill 2: Counter Assault

Upon getting hits, KEISHA forms a barrier that returns a certain percentage of damage dealt by the enemy. The attacks ignore enemy’s defense in accordance with the level of Fatal Flaw

Skill 3 (Ultimate): True Nemesis

Keisha marks an enemy as his True Nemesis and activates his killer instincts by striking them repeatedly. Last hit deals more damage.

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