“If slaughtering is a dark path, I vow to walk that path for the rest of my life.”


In the dark world of Middle-earth, Kekor Astor was cursed with a tragic fate. As a member of the noble Astor family from Rock Castle, he was caught in the crossfire of a bloody war between the Snjor and Draca dynasties. Kekor fled to the east with Javier Draca and helped establish the Iron Fortress, but his path soon took a dark turn.

The evil king Silver Draca cast a spell on Kekor, turning him into the first Ogre in Middle-earth. With his newfound power, Kekor led his army in a brutal attack on the Valley of Dreams, crushing its leader, Oberon Idril, and leaving the land in ruins. However, a divine intervention by Godwyn, the god of justice, led to Kekor's downfall.

In a moment of redemption, Kekor sacrificed his life to open The Great Portal, aiding the gods in their victory over the demons in the Darkmoon War. Though he was once a pawn of evil, Kekor's brave sacrifice earned him a place in Middle-earth's history as a hero of the Great War.

⚜️ Race: Ogre

⚜️ Class: Warrior

Once upon a time, Kekor was the Lord of Middle Earth. Kekor is Cyril's strongest right-hand man. In battles, Kekor displays three main skills:

Skill 1: All Kneel

Kekor focuses and attacks a spell, damaging and disarming an enemy hero, preventing them from attacking for a certain amount of time.

Skill 2: Taste of Blood

Kekor becomes frenzied and energized by his enemies' wounds, recovering some health for % of damage dealt to the enemy.

Skill 3 (Ultimate): Resurrection

Upon death, Kekor will perform a Reincarnation Ritual on his own to revive him with an amount of health based on his own maximum HP. (This can only be activated once per match).

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