“Rest in peace my son, don’t be afraid of loneliness because I will bring you your revenge and some “good friends”.”


The arrival of the Demons in Bengal brought with it an invitation to join their ranks. But Bengal, knowing the malevolent intent behind their offer, refused and instead sparked a fierce war. Despite Bengal's unparalleled strength, even against the likes of the fearsome Vaal Koenig, the Demons proved too much for the solitary monster to handle. Bengal fell at the hands of his enemies and was displayed in reverence, hung high as a testament to their power.

The death of Bengal created a division among the ancient Beast races of The Nightmare, with the Sentinel clan led by Orson submitting to the Demons and the Creek clan, under the leadership of Corbetti, holding onto their peaceful ways. However, in a fatal one-on-one battle, Corbetti too fell.

With their chosen leaders vanquished, the Demons set their sights on Orson, a true monster bred from the bloodthirsty Beast race. He was even more brutal than Bengal, striking fear into all who dared to confront him. Despite his admiration for Bengal's strength, Orson was now the most powerful beast in The Nightmares and would stop at nothing to maintain his reign of terror.

⚜️ Race: Beast

⚜️ Class: Warrior

Large and intimidating, Orson's giant appearance does not prevent him from moving swiftly with incredible agility thanks to his effective armor design. With a pair of steel-forged claws, the great Beast General is now even more daunting thanks to his enhanced melee ability. With mighty roars that make the weaklings consciousness; with sharp claws that pierce through any armors; Orson proves himself to be a supreme ruler of nature.

Skill 1: Holy Shield

ORSON stomps on the ground and summons a sacred shield that protects himself or an ally hero from being targeted by enemies' skills and items.

Skill 2: Blight Claw

ORSON focuses the energy of nature in his palm and releases a powerful slash. This skill’s passive will reduce the enemy’s movement speed after every hit.

Skill 3 (Ultimate): Lesion Metabolism

ORSON smashes the ground to pieces and unleashes the almighty power within himself, giving power to one marked ally, transforming damage suffered into extra HP.

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