“The only one who takes me down is not The Darkness or anyone else, it is just me!”


In the heart of The Nightmare lies the Tree of Souls, the ancient home of the Creeks, a once peaceful Beast race. But under the tyrannical rule of Orson, the leader of the brutal Sentinels, the land is plagued by constant bloodshed and terror.

Tigris, the grandson of the legendary Bengal patriarch, inherited the role of Creek leader at a young age, following the sacrifice of his father, General Corbetti, in a one-on-one battle with Orson. With the aid of the bloodthirsty Demons, Orson and the Sentinels relentlessly attack the Tree of Souls in their quest for ultimate control.

But Tigris will not stand idly by. Guided by his own strength and the loyalty of his childhood friends, Melina and Amaltheus, the Creeks fight with all their might to defend their land. And in the Darkmoon War, Tigris joins forces with the knights of Middle-earth in a desperate search for the Golden Crown, the only hope for salvation in this dark and brutal land.

⚜️ Race: Beast

⚜️ Class: Warrior

When it comes to his skillset, Tigris shows expertise in combat and peak in overall strength. In battles, Tigris showcases three main skills

Skill 1: Triumphant Roar

With his power, Tigris roars then restores HP for one ally.

Skill 2: Outburst

Tigris becomes furious and enhances himself by dealing damage equal to the HP he has lost, when HP is restored, his rage comes down then the ability disappears.

Skill 3 (Ultimate): End Of All Hope

His hunting instinct takes over, Tigris lunges towards his target enemy and both lose 50% of their HP.

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