“Feel intense loathing for me? Look what those noble Dragons did to me. Oh, no need to rush, I will show you, now!”


Deep within the mystical realm of Greenland, lies a forbidden land known as the Magic Lake. Shrouded in deadly spells and curses, it remains uncharted by even the bravest of dragons. Yet, one dragon dared to venture into its depths - Zel.

Unlike his kin, who feared the Magic Lake, Zel believed that the power of Aether could purify all. Tragically, his exploration led to a transformation of his body - replaced by a monstrous rattlesnake. Banished by his own clan, Zel was forced to dwell alone within the Magic Lake.

Fueled by hatred and thirst for revenge, Zel delved into the study of magic and potions, honing his resistance to poison and ancient magic. It was there that he discovered a secret Dimensional Gate, leading him to the Nightmare realm. Rescued by Orson in a dire state, Zel was bestowed with dark powers and slowly regained his strength. In return, he shared his knowledge of the Magic Lake with Orson.

Now, Zel sees himself not as the noble dragon of Greenland, but as a beast of the Nightmare. His ultimate goal is to take revenge on the Dragons of Greenland and make them pay for their foolish betrayal.

⚜️ Race: Beast

⚜️ Class: Chemist

Zel was once among the mighty Dragons on The Greenland. However, after his venturesome act of exploring the forbidden Magic Lake, Zel was cursed to become a hideous Bell Cobra. When it comes to his skillset, Zel has the ability to release toxins that curse the enemies. In battles, Zel showcases three main skills:

Skill 1: Venomous Spit

Zel stomps on the ground, focuses his energy, then releases streams of venom that deal damage to all enemies and decrease their movement speed.

Skill 2: Keratinization

Zel gains an absorption shield and accumulates armor after each skill usage. This is a passive skill that activates automatically. The longer the battle, the more defensive Zel gets.

Skill 3 (Ultimate): Toxin Strike

Zel takes off, releases a burst of energy called The Sound of Death. Zel’s venom surrounds the target enemy, dealing damage and prohibiting them from using any skills or items.

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