In 2021, Blockchain has become a huge industry with the most impressive growth of more than 500% in total market capitalization, from 500 billion dollars to 2500 billion dollars. The reason for that tremendous growth is the advancement of large-scale applications in areas such as Web 3.0, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Non-fungible Tokens, and Gaming. As a result, pioneers and engineers are always looking for new applications to accelerate the development of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency.

Based on the development trend of this technology, soon, NFT and GameFi technologies will become highlights of the entire market with their practical applications. Non-Fungible Tokens open the possibility of storing digital assets to guarantee ownership, transparency, and integration of transaction capabilities on the Blockchain network. GameFi allows users to both engage in entertainment and generate monthly income by combining finance mechanics with the game industry. Therefore, digital property ownership is promoted amid the Internet era, becoming the second world of-humankind.

However, the Internet currently only allows us to experience a flat world, with a simple interactive interface and a focus on information storage mechanisms. Therefore, experts formed the concept of Metaverse with the mission of expanding the Internet platform into a place capable of interacting with virtual reality. To perfect this technology, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are introduced to perfect this technology to maintain security and, more specifically, to store digital assets (such as Virtual space, Digital artwork, and Online Services). NFTs will become the core technology in the Metaverse world when it can identify the ownership of digital assets or enable the transaction of assets right in the Metaverse world through Blockchain-based trading centers.

It is from here that the need to form creative worlds with Metaverse technology has led to an outburst. Fantasy worlds are becoming more realistic than ever, allowing participants to experience life in various styles. Users can jump into a new world, with the ability to experience breath-taking vistas or perform tasks they have never done before. Besides, the demand for purchasing and owning digital assets will become greater than ever. Games will not only be interactive on 2D or 3D graphics platforms, but they will also allow players to become heroes or their favorite characters directly. With the above arguments, the demand for a gaming platform with Metaverse integration and NFT technology is becoming more and more powerful.

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