In the early days, the universe was an infinite space covered with darkness, there was an evil entity called the Darkness. And then one day, the most destructive explosion ever happened, bending all space-time, tearing the silence apart, pushing back the dark and ushering in an era of mysterious chaos.

The energy from that explosion reshaped the universe and gave birth to two opposite realms - The Physical and the Spiritual Realm. Those two realms coexisted like two sides of the same coin, bringing the universe back into balance. From here, there were contrary concepts giving explanations for the dawn of all creation: the light and the dark, life and death... The explosion was later called the Big Bang, Aether - or "Creator" - was the name given to the energy source it generated. The reason for the name "Creator" was that Aether sent energy throughout the universe to urge on the advancement of all creatures, allowing life to flourish wherever it reaches. In the Spiritual Realm, the first rays of light in the explosion were shaped and linked together to form a beautiful land known as "The Greenland - The Land of Eternity".

The pure energy of Aether slowly turned into the soul, and thus the first living things - The Omni - were born. For being closest to the Aether, the Omni possess supernatural power and the Eye that can see things, create space. Besides the powerful Omni, there is also the Dragon - mysterious and long-lived creatures which were born from the primordial light. All have made the Greenland extremely flourishing and they are all aware of their race's great responsibility in protecting, maintaining, and developing the universe's balance. Thus, many Omnis have used their power to open Space Bridge in search of new lands, track and guide native races to use Aether's energy to push the advancement of their worlds. Therefore, the Omni are worshiped as the gods of the big universe. However, the Omni realized that due to the boundary between the two realms, they could not communicate directly with other races in the Physical Realm. Beings on the Physical Realm, on the other hand, did not know how to unlock the hidden spiritual power within their bodies, so these creatures are far inferior to those of the Greenland - Omnis and Dragons. As a result, the Omni have found many ways, trying to communicate with the Physical Realm but all are very limited.

As opposed to the Greenland of Spiritual Realm, the Physical Realm is consistent with the laws of nature, with the physical body. The Aether energy in each being is very little and not everyone can feel it, except for magicians, no one else has this kind of power. These magicians are born with the Eye, which allows them to sense and use the power from Aether, they come from many races but mostly the Human on the Earth - the dominant beings in the Physical Realm. Those magicians gathered together and built The Sun Temple to train and control the power of Aether, they called it magic and let other inferior creatures take advantage of it with complex spells. Passing through many hardships, only the most powerful magicians could interact with the Omni and usher in a new era for the Human and the Physical Realm.

In order to maintain the universe’s balance and prove their role, the Omni began to teach the Human to utilize the power of Aether and unlock their hidden power. The first human magicians, led by The Omni, evolved to a higher level and became The Elf - lived under the guard of the Omni, they worshiped and lived their lives in the manner of the Omni. From here, the Earth flourished and became the greatest Middle-Earth that history has ever recorded, thanks to the Great Magic at the Sun Temple.

The interaction between the two realms appeared to be a beautiful dream bringing prosperity and balance to this universe from now on, no one knew it was just the calm before the storm. At that time, the Silver Serpent - the most powerful king of the Earth, with ambitions to rule the realms, had given the order to carry out horrific experiments on the human body to explore the Aether and master its power. Then, he realized that the Aether energy would strengthen their natures, skills and make them stronger than ever, the more energy they absorbed, the stronger they became. Those who were stripped of their Aether would soon become mindless zombies who just took orders from others. This incident led to chaos on the Earth and war broke out between two sides - One side were the Elves and magicians fighting against the brutal evil, while the other side were the cruel king and the fallen magicians - who wanted to use Dark Magic and search for ruins of the Darkness.

Besides the never-ending war against evil, there was a group believing that magic would bring disasters to all living creatures and finding ways to eliminate it out of this universe. This group was called the Keen, they developed a wide range of advanced machines with destructive power as terrifying as magic and were willing to kill anyone possessing magic as a way to save their universe. That just made everything go from bad to worse - there were more wars and wars lasting for centuries and leading to long-standing feuds among many sides.

With the chaos on the Earth, there was a conflict in the world of the Omni. One side tried to protect the Earth beings as well as find ways to solve everything peacefully, the other side said that the Earth had gradually corrupted and needed to be eliminated to bring back the balance for other worlds. The conflict occurred, those disgruntled shaped the course of history by destroying the Earth alone. Then, right on the Greenland, a battle took place between the Omnis, without the support of the Dragons, the group of disgruntled Omnis was quickly defeated, stripped of their power and banished from their homeland forever. After this failure, those Omnis became more and more negative and they were devoured by envy and hatred towards the Greenland, they believed that their race, the Omni, were the most powerful beings in the universe to conquer all life.

After being exiled, they wandered around the realms and then arrived at the deepest part of the whole universe - The Nightmare - where the light could not reach and everything here was all in utter darkness, this was also where the evil entity the Darkness resided after the Big Bang. Those lost Omnis soon absorbed the dark power here and slowly turned into a new race called the Demon. They named themselves Lords from Hell, accompanied with the dark creatures born of fire and dust of the Darkness - The Beast, with its bloodthirsty nature, the Beast quickly became ruthless killing machines, the right hand of the Demon. Now, the Demons are just waiting for the chance to avenge their old feud with The Omni and begin their quest to rule all realms. Without a shadow of dark, the real Omnis has learnt of the existence of Demons and Beasts, they offered alliances to not only the Dragon but also the Elf and Magicians on the Earth, ready for the next fight of the age.

The Demons were not less than that, they came to the Earth, bestowed dark power from the Darkness as well as conciliated the fallen magicians to their side, turned them into an army known as the Orge. Unlike the Elf, the Ogre gradually became an obsession for all creatures on the Earth. They kept gathering more heretics and performing ritual sacrifices in order to summon thousands of fearsome monsters to devour the Human. This moment glorified the horrors of the worst war in universe history, known as the Dark Moon War, every creature rushed to war for one, singular purpose: to be the last one to survive and claim the Aether for themselves. A new era is about to dawn!

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